This piece was found on Instagram from Robert Mickelsen.

Mermaid Rockerz Rig by Robert Mickelsen

I know you’re going to need a second to take it all in, so go on, I’ll give it to you.

Ready now? What you’re looking at is a collab between Robert Mickelsen and Stephan Hagstrom, and it is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, this is one of Mickelsen’s Rockerz rigs, and it does rock back and forth, as showcased by the video below. Next, take note of that funky fish head and mermaid head, because they are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your fishy friend.

Of course, even with all the wildness happening on this piece, you’ve got to stop and appreciate the beautiful glass work that’s happening here — those sea anemones are insane! I mean really, the attention to detail here just blows my mind. If you’re wondering how it works, the tail removes to reveal the joint, and the head sits on the mouthpiece, meaning this rig is a functional glass art centerpiece that cleans up nice when not in use.

Check out the video below to see this mermaid in action:

In Their Own Words:

“Yes, she’s a rocker… Featuring three @stephanhagstromglass Fiji reef cabs! He also made the cool jellyfish! This was a really fun project… Really enjoyed working with this very talented gentleman! I think you will agree, our project came out really well!”

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