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What is Weedist trying to do? How are we helping with the fight to legalize marijuana in the United States?


Read articles written about the cannabis world covering topics like the politics of cannabis, legal issues related to marijuana, senseless victims of the war on marijuana, recipes for awesome cannabis edibles, marijuana gear, etc.


Learn the facts about science, legalization, consumption, use cases, legal challenges, contradictory laws about medical and personal use, etc.


Vote to support legalization. Find out which candidates to support in local and federal races. Find out what ballot measures will impact your usage rights.


Direct your purchasing power *away* from companies that are against legalization. Just as important as voting with your ballots, you can have an impact by voting with your wallets!


Join a growing community of increasingly louder voices who support legalization. Share articles with your friends. Get them involved. Become part of the solution rather than sitting back and letting politicians take control of our rights.


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