This rig was found on Facebook from Dellene Peralta Glass.

Gorgeous Peacock Rig by Dellene Peralta

My jaw dropped when I came across this gorgeous, crystal peacock rig. This piece is a collab by the esteemed Dellene Peralta and Dave Popowitz. I really just can’t even with this rig. It’s too fine. But I’ll try to pull myself together and break down the ways in which this rig is a beast.

First, there is the form. To say there is attention to detail here is an understatement. This peacock is formed to perfection, a true work of art. Next, how can one ignore the incredible crystal look of this rig? This is too fucking fancy for words. That pink crystal eye, that overwhelmingly beautiful tail, and that stunning flower that doubles as the female joint — it’s all exquisitely lovely. Ready for a surprise? The head feathers double as a stopper for the mouthpiece hole. This rig commands respect and dropped jaws. This is truly some next level functional glass art and I couldn’t be more excited.

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