These pipes were found on Etsy from Ocean Tokes.

Authentic Seashell Pipes

Here’s something a little different to get you in the mood for Summer sun and ocean air. These all natural seashell pipes are harvested from the Indian Ocean and crafted with care by Ocean Tokes in southern California. Each shell pipe is completely unique, and they claim that they smoke exceptionally well. Having never tried them personally, I cant say for sure, but they have certainly peaked my interest. The shells are beautiful, and make for an engaging and unique smoking experience.

In Their Own Words:

“OceanTokes are naturally occurring sea shells harvested from the Indian Ocean. Our pipes originate in the Indian Ocean where they are naturally created. After being consumed by locals in India, the shells are shipped to the US where I personally cut, drill, and sand each and every piece to ensure an excellent, high quality, organic smoking experience. I personally hand craft them into naturally beautiful pipes that match your naturally beautiful plants. They are more durable than the glass you are used to, hits smoother than the glass you are used to due to the shells interior spiral, and every single piece is biologically and aesthetically one of kind.”

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