This pipe was found on Etsy from LiteUpTheNightDotOrg.

Colorful LED Glowing Pipe

Listen everyone, festival season is just around the corner, and before we know it we’re going to be swooning over all sorts of gorgeous LED colors and trails. Perhaps you already have some LED toys, such as an LED hoop or poi, or maybe you like to rock those LED finger rave gloves—but I bet this is one LED toy you haven’t seen yet—the LED pipe.

These glass pipes have a white frosted look by day, and by night, are brought to life by color-changing LEDs. The bulbs on the side are twisted to turn the LEDs on and off. And while it may not make for the most practical design for your day-to-day pipe, it certainly is something very unique for special occasions. Imagine whipping one of these out at a festival to everyone’s surprise and delight. #ledfever

In Their Own Words:

“High quality, locally blown glass sherlock pipe with FOUR color-changing LEDs. Simply twist the LED bulb clockwise to engage. Colors will slowly morph from one to the next automatically (fast flashing and steady-on LED available).”

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