These rigs were found on Instagram from Robert Mickelsen.

Animal Rockerz Rigs

These incredible and ingenious rigs are called ‘Rockerz’ by their creator, Robert Mickelsen. Truly a testament to innovation, the gorgeous glass pieces are perched atop glass “rocking legs” which allow them to rock gently back and forth, keeping the rig safe upon landing. They are an impressive combination between function, beauty and form. Check out the elephant in action, and be sure to visit Mickelsen’s Instagram for videos of the other animal rigs as well.

In Their Own Words:

“Dichro Rhino Rocker. About 8” long. 10mm joint. Pushmipullyou Rocker. 13″ tall. Kudu Rocker, this one is smaller and has a 10mm joint. About 8″ long. Pink Elephant. About 10.5″ long. 14mm joint.”

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