This week we look to the independent glass artist community to find a custom glass mushroom chillum. This glass mushroom chillum is functional art. If you had a dozen of these sitting on a shelf, no one would be the wiser that you are ready to smoke out your fantasy football league.

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Custom Glass Mushroom Chillum Details

This is a cool piece of functional art crafted out of American-made borosilicate glass (meaning it can stand up to heat, a commercial example of Borosilicate glass we all probably know is Pyrex). If you enjoy hand blown glass, it’s tough to go wrong with this custom handmade-to-order piece for $20.99. Even if you don’t smoke, at 2 – 3 inches tall, these custom glass mushrooms chillums make great display pieces. You can order your custom glass mushroom chillum on The store is run by LoudActions in Wausau, Wisconsin. In their own words: “Our shop is a small group. We work together in the town of Eau Claire and Wausau, Wisconsin… Everyone in our shop has been on the torch for over 9 years. We have many years of experience and work very hard to provide the highest quality functional art we can. Thanks for all your support in us, we love what we do!” LoudActions also asserts that “Like all our glass products this was properly kiln anealed and cooled properly.”

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Creating Your Customer Glass Mushroom Chillum

When ordering your customer glass mushroom chillum, you get to pick the mushroom cap and stem colors. The mushroom cap can be: Ruby, White or Double Amber Purple. The mushroom stem can be either Blue Carmel or Double Amber Purple. All glass mushroom chillums are fumed with Sterling Silver, which gives a cool color changing effect when you smoke out of the piece.

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