These rigs were found on Instagram from Katie Severance.

Philly Floral Rigs by Katie Severance

These rigs by Katie Severance are not just beautiful, they are also absolutely ferociously clean. Just looking at these dab rigs creates a sense of zen in me. From the beautiful form, to the obviously great function, I really can’t get enough. The glass daffodil (or dab-o-il as the artist is calling them) is a truly stunning work of art. Severance is a Philadelphia based glass artist, and the above work is a part of a new series where she will be showcasing different seasonal Philly-based botanicals. These rigs, the first two in the series, are a promising example of what’s to come, and I for one can’t wait to see what’s next!

In Their Own Words:

“Spring is Coming! …a series I am doing this year … will showcase botanicals common to the #Philly area! As the year progresses I will be encasing various botanicals in the sequence that they bloom naturally. First Botanical of the year: The #Daffodil – Keep your eyes peeled for the next piece to bloom!”

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