This pipe was found on Etsy from Luxe Glass Pipes.

Swarovski Crystal Sherlock Pipe

Sometimes you’re just in a fancy mood, and when the occasion calls, there ain’t nothin’ like breaking out a pipe covered in genuine Swarovski crystals. This sherlock pipe is glitz, glam and has beautiful form to boot. I love the gorgeous marble and the horn wrapped around the stem. Plus, the color scheme is absolutely on point. It reminds me of a fiery tropical sunset. One word to sum up this piece? B.e.a.u.t.y.

In Their Own Words:

“Crystal Serendipity Sherlock is 3.5″ tall and hand blown with all American glass! This pipe is a beautiful, one of a kind piece is extremely unique for its gorgeous color blending and accents, and it’s imploded flower marble adds depth and dimension that will capture your attention from the first glance! Crystal Serendipity Sherlock is embellished with authentic Swarovski crystals in both clear and AB! It surely will be a piece you have never laid eyes on before, and an absolutely stunning addition to any glass collection!

Please note that this Sherlock is delicate and needs to be handled with care at all times. The life of the crystals on this piece entirely depend on how well you take care of them. However, I do completely understand that accidents happen so for ease of convenience, when you purchase this Sherlock I am adding in a mini tube of my glass adhesive (free of charge) just in case! If you would like further instructions on how to easily adhere your missing crystal back on send me a message either on here or by email and I will provide you with simple directions to get your Sherlock back to normal!”

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