These rigs were found on Instagram from Wyomingmofo Glass.

Gnarly Anglerfish Rigs

Ferocious, fierce, gnarly — these are the words that sprung to my mind when I first laid eyes on these incredible glass anglerfish rigs. An anglerfish as a rig is a truly unique concept, and the artist behind this glass absolutely nails it. A predatory fish that uses its glowing lure-like headpiece to capture its prey, the anglerfish is a deep sea anomaly that is as creepy as it is surrounded in mystique.

The form of these rigs is absolutely on point — from the gnarly teeth to the way the stem acts as the angler, luring the stoner in for a toke. I especially appreciate how many different styles and colors the artist has used to create these fish. There’s just about something for everyone, and the gallery above is only a taste. Be sure to check out the Instagram, linked above, to see more variety.

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