We shift gears this week and look at something goofy and fun, the mustache Sherlock glass pipe. This would make a great gift for the Weedist who has everything, or a great accessory to build a Halloween costume around!

Mustache Sherlock Glass Pipe Details

So the first question, why a “Sherlock” pipe? Sherlock Holmes¬†of course!

Thanks to Robert Downey Jr. and the resurgence of the Sherlock Holmes, most folks are aware of the character. As for the pipe, Mr. Holmes always had a trademark classic pipe as an accessory, so hence the name stuck with a pipe that has that classic shape. And the mustache? Well that’s just for fun! All mustaches are not created equal, you can see that you’ve got at least 2 different styles of mustache to choose from.

These mustache Sherlock glass pipes are listed for sale by Hedcraft Glassworks in Reno, NV. I don’t know if these are handmade, my guess is that these are coming over in bulk from China, but they are still a lot of fun. You can see their full collection of mustache Sherlock glass pipes on

Go get yours and get your mustache on!

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