This pipe was found on Etsy from Dutch Art Glass.

Rainbow Honeycomb Pipe

At times, you stumble upon a pipe that is really and truly, a piece of art. This rainbow honeycomb pipe is one such piece. I was immediately struck by the incredibly intricate honeycomb pattern and the precise use of color in this piece. The color palette here really cannot be overstated – the rainbow array of colors in warm tones is striking.

The front of this pipe pops like a mandala in full Summer bloom. This is absolutely one of the tightest honeycombs I have ever seen on a functional glass piece, and those close up shots are a testament to its mesmerizing beauty.

Dutch Art Glass has several different versions of this style pipe available on their Etsy, and very kindly, when they learned Weedist would be featuring this pipe, they offered a coupon code exclusively for Weedist readers.

Use the code weedistfreeride during checkout for free shipping on all domestic orders until May 1st.

In Their Own Words:

“All pictures are of the actual piece of art you will receive. This extensively worked piece of art features my original trademark technique the Dutchycomb, It is truly unique and completely unparalleled in the glass world, It’s similar to the normal glass honeycomb but with far more depth and color, featuring an extremely intricate reticello pattern and incorporating my own custom made colors and glass.

This piece has a solid heavy body and features simple elegant rotating line work, fumed with gold and silver that in combination create varying shades of purple, green and blue.

The bowls on all my pieces are very deep and extensively double worked to release forming stress and ensure durability. The bowl hole is sized approximately 3 to 3.5 mm for a smooth draw.

All pieces are made in Michigan by me personally, with absolute attention to quality and detail. I do not employ a production crew and I NEVER cut corners with my work. Each piece comes signed and dated with a special titanium pen that leaves a lasting mark without carving the surface.”

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