These pipes were found on Instagram from Northern Waters Glass.

Authentic Orchid Pipes

Look out, cause here comes another sexy collection by Northern Waters Glass.These guys positively kill it when it comes to function, form and beauty. This time, these hand blown glass pipes feature authentic orchids which have been electroformed and preserved forever.

The color palettes they use are right on point and absolutely stunning. And because no two orchids are ever exactly alike, each pipe is sure to be one-of-a-kind. They also make a few dab rigs in this same vein, so make sure you check out their Instragram (linked above) with all of their gorgeous functional glass art.

In Their Own Words:

Northern Waters Glass is a cooperative effort between Katie Lancaster and Zach Wiese. Drawn to the ethereal, fluid and translucent qualities of glass, we began working borosilicate glass in 2009 in Ashland, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior. Living in such a remote area, we were forced to rely on research and self-teaching in order to progress, lending us a unique style.

For pricing and such, please email: @nwaterswheezy; @northernwatersglass;

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