These rigs were found on Instagram from Northern Waters Glass.

Authentic Crystal Fused Dab Rigs

For those who love crystals and dabs, these heady dab rigs are sure to entice and delight. Whether you’re a seasoned rockhound or a casual admirer, you have to admit there is something incredibly striking about such a fierce combination of crystal, glass and hash. These particular pieces are created by Northern Waters Glass, which is a cooperative effort between artists Katie Lancaster and Zach Wiese.

There’s a lot to appreciate about these rigs. First, it’s easy to admire the quality glass craftsmanship here — these rigs look like they can really rip. Then you have to admire their use of a wide variety of crystals — above we see rigs with quartz, kyanite, fluorite, labradorite, Herkimer diamond druzy, and smokey quartz. This is only a sampling of their dynamite work and the crystals they use. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook pages for more heady work that’ll soothe the #rockhound and the #dabhound in you.

In Their Own Words:

Northern Waters Glass is a cooperative effort between Katie Lancaster and Zach Wiese. Drawn to the ethereal, fluid and translucent qualities of glass, we began working borosilicate glass in 2009 in Ashland, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior. Living in such a remote area, we were forced to rely on research and self-teaching in order to progress, lending us a unique style.

For pricing and such, please email: @nwaterswheezy; @northernwatersglass;

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