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Meditate While You Medicate: Mindful Walking, Source: http://fedwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/walkingmeditation.jpgMeditation is an essential component for peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle. It facilitates healing and gives one a chance to see clearly. This series, Meditate While You Medicate, will focus on different meditation techniques that can be performed in conjunction with heady indica strains. Practice daily for clarity, focus, peace and enlightenment.

Mindful walking is a meditation technique where one focuses their attention on their steps as they walk. This differs from the other meditative practices previously covered, as the participant is actually in motion while meditating. Some find the act of moving allows the mind to more easily focus and find a space of peace. This may be practiced in a specific place for a set amount of time, and this may also be practiced during one’s day to day life, while walking from a car to a building and so on. The following will focus on the technique of choosing a specific time and place.

Follow this simple exercise to explore the deep mental benefits of mindful walking.

  1.  Carefully choose your walking space. This could be a park, a beach, or even a city street. Try to choose a location that you are comfortable in. The quieter the place, the easier the meditation may be, but this should not deter a city dweller from trying this meditation. Wear comfortable shoes, or if appropriate, you may opt to walk barefoot. Before you head out for your walk, begin by smoking some Bubblegum, an indica-dominate hybrid strain that relaxes the mind without couch-locking the body.
  2. Begin walking at a slow and steady pace. The goal here is not to jog or trot, but to simply walk. As you walk, focus your attention on your feet and the sensation of walking. Notice the way your feet rise and fall from the ground. What part of them touches the earth first? Pay attention to the roll of your step. Notice the sensations you feel along the way — perhaps a stone underfoot, the shifting of a sock, or the springiness of moss.
  3. As you walk, begin to allow your mind to take note of any other sensations your body is currently experiencing. Perhaps it’s the chill of a raindrop, or the smell of warm summer wind, or the sound of birds singing. Continue to focus on your steps even as you allow your mind to explore these peripheral sensations.
  4. When your mind begins to wander, as it surely will, gently pull your thoughts back to your body, your steps, your feet. Do this each time you catch your thoughts wandering, thus nurturing a sense of awareness of the present moment.
  5. Continue to walk mindfully for as long as is comfortable, preferably until a sense of peace and tranquility has come over the mind and settled in for some time.

When finished, simply return to a point of rest, and smile.

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