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Meditate While You Medicate: Yantra Gazing, Source: http://blog.spafinder.com/wp-content/uploads/iStock_000019379102Medium.jpgMeditation is an essential component for peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle. It facilitates healing and gives one a chance to see clearly. This series, Meditate While You Medicate, will focus on different meditation techniques that can be performed in conjunction with heady indica strains. Practice daily for clarity, focus, peace and enlightenment.

A yantra is a geometric pattern, such as a mandala, which may be used as a visual aid for meditation. For the purpose of yantra gazing, one may use a geometric diagram, or another useful object such as a lit candle, the ripples of water or even an amulet or talisman. The goal of yantric gazing is to use a visual aid to assist in greater focus, clarity and balance of the mind. Choose an object or pattern that invokes soothing and calming feelings. A mandala or the flickering flame of a small tealight are a well suited choice.

Follow this simple exercise to explore the deep mental benefits of meditative gazing. If you have a meditation partner, try taking turns reading the instructions below softly and slowly to one another.

  1. Create a relaxing setting, with a comfortable spot to rest. Before you begin, smoke or vape some Blackberry Kush, a potent indica known for its deep relaxation properties for both body and mind. Once comfortably stoned, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position while holding the object of your choice in your hands. If the object is too large to hold—such as a tapestry—sit across from it with your hands resting comfortably on your thighs.
  2. Let your gaze rest softly upon the yantra. Do not strain your gaze, stare intently or study the object. Instead, rest your eyes as you look upon the object. Begin to take deep, slow breaths in and out through your nose. Fill your whole chest and belly up with air on each inhale, and slowly exhale completely out. As you do so, allow thought to melt away, focusing your attention simply on viewing the yantra.
  3. As you practice, without thinking too deeply about what you are viewing, begin to notice the subtle details of the image. Marvel at the intricacies of the mandala, the curves of the lines and the collision of colors. Notice the way the flame flickers and the various colors that the fire possesses. Whatever your yantra may be, allow your mind to fully view it, in all of its diversity and intricacy. As you do so, continue to breath and hold your mind in stillness.
  4. Continue this way for as long as is comfortable, and try to practice for a minimum of 20 minutes per session, allowing your gaze to quiet the mind and relax the body.

When finished, if holding your meditation object, carefully place it down. Then, vigorously rub your palms together for 10-15 seconds, or until they have generated warmth, in a technique known as palming. Softly close your eyes and then gently cup your palms over them. Allow them to rest there, a gentle hollow of warmth above the eyes. Hold for 30 seconds, or as long as is comfortable, then slowly relax your hands back down. Lastly, open your eyes softly and smile.

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