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Hempfest 2014: A Bit More Serene, but Still All About the Green, Source: @diablodabsSo I’ve made it through yet another “potapalooza,” Hempfest 2014 ROCKED. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical this year. I wondered if the combination of legalization, and all of the extra weed events that have sprang up as a result of it, would cause Hempfest to trend down. I am proud to report that was NOT the case. Hempfest was jammin’ like Marley for all 3 days. The vibe was a bit different, but the environment was still all killer no filler.

A Bit More Serene, but Still All About the Green

This is the second Hempfest post I-502 and my fourth. The first observation I have to make is that there was a marked decrease in exhibitionism – negative and positive. Missing were the rowdy topless frat boys taking public gravity bong rips or group photos of the faithful with fists held up in solidarity. The level of comfort with public cannabis consumption was truly inspiring. It was more of a 2 mile weed themed street fair than a 20 year long rally stressing the urgency of marijuana legalization. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

What About the Dab Scene?

I am quite proud to report a lot of progress here as well. I continue to support the torch ban for safety, but of course, still love my dabs. This year many vendors had e-nails setup in a BYOE (Bring Your Own Errl) capacity. As long as you had your own head stash, dabs could be taken safely and within the rules. Shouts out to the crew at Have a Heart who brought their dab bar on the road! Their public use Mothership Glass Faberge Egg connected to an e-nail was a showstopper and so much appreciated. Our man Bones over at Dank Dabber had a similar setup, it’s so nice to see #SeattleStoners looking out for the scene.

There Had to Be Some Flowers There Too

Ohhhhh, Mary was out in full effect and I had plenty of her. Again, there is no cannabis sold at Hempfest, so everyone comes pre-loaded. Typically, this lends to a lot of HUGE spliffs and such on display. However, that wasn’t the case this year. Everyone was smoking average size doobs and blunts. I know it’s not cause we’re smoking less, I bet it’s because the weed is still getting stronger – BONG!

In closing, I’m glad to see an event we all owe so much to, still thriving albeit with a new spirit. Now it’s time for Hempfest to roll 50 States deep. That’s my two cents in 420 words.