Weedist Destinations : Have A Heart Cafe (Dab Bar), CREDIT: David Ryder for The New York Times

It’s all in the title and it’s all I’ve ever wanted folks. Let me open by thanking Kyle of Northwest Oils -THANK YOU!- for introducing me to Have a Heart Cafe. This place is the absolute bhomb and we need them all over.

I promise you it is as simple and awesome as it sounds. Downstairs is the Whole Foods of dispensaries, I’m serious, weed every way you can process it and brand variety that cures erectile dysfunction. However, it was when I got upstairs that I really got wood. There for the taking was a fully functioning dab bar, armed to the teeth with fantastic glass and manned by a skilled dab tender. Are you fucking kidding me? I was in heaven.

Kyle is friendly with the establishment and showed me around. Hiply decorated and quite spacious, Have a Heart’s vibe was on point. We were free to dab at the bar or at a table by ourselves, this was very cool.  I also saw there were some Volcanoes out for use, though we had no use for them :) We sunk into a leather couch, broke a out a Toro mirco and got to dabbin’. Three dabs in a hostess stopped by and offered us water. BONG! A little service really goes such a long way. The staff was amazingly gracious and attentive, it was a good thing since this place looked to get busy. It’s right in the heart of Seattle’s University District.

We had an amazing sesh and I rolled out, bada bing-bada boom. It was so perfect and so the type of place missing from my life. If you’re wondering what the catch was, thank God there wasn’t one. Well, you had to be a WA MMJ patient, but that’s everywhere right now. Bottom line, I had an epic time medicating with fellow patients and no one acted a fool. Communal dabbin’ is a beautiful thing.

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