Using medical marijuana for your back pain? Medical advances may someday allow you to replace your spine, but until then you can remind yourself exactly why you use your medicine with a spine pipe or spine bong to help ease your pain!

Spine Pipes and Bongs

I know this subject is a little off the beaten path, yet something drew me in for these pieces. Each piece in this set of images is unique. From the truly grotesque to the elegantly minimalist to the abstract. I am personally amazed at what some glass artists can conceive and then even more so by what they actually produce.

As I reflect on what draws us to the spinal cord, it probably has something to do with the fact that this is a piece of anatomy that all vertebrates share (fish, whales, dogs, humans, etc.). Our spine is literally the core of our being. Our entire existence is dependent on that column of bone and flesh.

If I stumble upon one of these pieces in my wanderings, I may just have to pick one up. A spine pipe, what a conversation piece!

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