Stealth pipes are the perfect holiday companion  Sadly not all of us will be in Colorado or Washington for this long Thanksgiving weekend. The rest of us may need to avoid arousing the suspicions of our less open-minded friends and family, so when we going out for a walk. Today we salute the various incarnations of stealth pipes. Now I’m not talking about a dugout with a cigarette paint job, we’re looking at some very creative ways to disguise your paraphernalia.

Stealth Pipes

Stealth pipes will always have a home in the Weedist toolkit. Consider a stealth pipe the equivalent of a special flask: a discrete way to enjoy your pleasures without drawing a lot of attention. These are a few creative examples of ways to disguise your weed. My personal favorite is the bullet pipe.

Stealth Vaporizers

The real goal is to consume your cannabis in a quick discrete way, so a discussion on stealth pipes wouldn’t be complete without a hat tip to the Puffit vaporizer for being a solid vape which looks incredibly like an asthma inhaler. What a great piece of work. For those with the more creative DIY side, there’s the Arizer Solo Stealth Adapter, bring your own soft-drink cup.

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