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If every weedist had a simple conversation with their parents, grandparents or any other elderly friend/family could prohibition come crashing down at a record pace?

dominoes help end prohibition now, Source: 31% of those age 65+ nationally support cannabis legalization. Compound this with the fact the elderly tend to rock the vote on election day more than any other demographic. In my opinion, the elderly are more likely to be filled with misinformation and reefer madness propaganda, given some of the decades they lived in.

If you shared with them how cannabis prohibition is as racist today as it was in its origins, or how a readily available plant with real medicinal values is being suppressed, or how being a prison nation for profit is repulsive or simply it’s not the government’s business to endorse more harmful drugs while forbidding cannabis.

Maybe you’d rather someone else make the initial case? Ask them to watch the independent film The Union – The Business Behind Getting High with you and discuss it afterwards. The Union crew has made a high quality version available on YouTube for free.

Robert Platshorn has been leading the charge on educating this critical demographic, but he can’t tackle it alone, especially when the government tries to silence him. Check out Platshorn’s documentary Should Grandma Smoke Pot, also available on YouTube for free.

If all else fails, ask if they can at least acknowledge: The younger generation finds cannabis prohibition unjust and unwarranted, given the poll results for those age 18 to 50, that it is important to us, and please support us in ending this 75-year struggle.

Don’t count on pro-cannabis ads to be anywhere near as influential with senior citizens. If enough of these personal conversations happen, things could look quite different in Colorado, Oregon and Washington this November and we could speed the falling of the last domino that is federal prohibition.


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