My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source: special edition of ‘My Favorite Strains‘ features the top strains that I find delightfully tasty. In an effort to cater to everyone’s taste-buds, I compiled a varied list with at least one strain from each flavor category: sweet, pungent, earthy, skunky, or a mixture of flavor profiles. I also included both indica, sativa and hybrid genetics. With that said, I present the following six strains for discussion: Cheese, Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, NYC Diesel, Granddaddy Purple and Afghan Mango.

1. Cheese

My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source:’m going to start off with the stinky, but yummy, indica dominant hybrid Cheese strain by Big Buddha Seeds. When I first came across her, I almost passed her up due to her pungent, nasty, dirty cheese smell. But I thought to myself, “Well, I love all cheeses that I can eat,” so I gave into her smell and tasted her. She smells like a soft cheddar cheese, sort of sour but mixed with a hint of sweetness from a berry or citrus, possibly some mint too. The taste is of cheese, lemon and earth, and may pair nicely with a good wine.

2. Strawberry Cough

My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source: up, my first fruity love, Strawberry Cough. I first enjoyed this lovely lady in college since during those busy times I tended to lean more towards sativa hybrid qualities. I chose to include this strain in my top tasting line up because of how she morphs from smell, the first taste, and finally to the last escaping stream of smoke from your lips. Her smell is sweet yet can yield earthy notes along with some peppery or spiciness to the mix, thanks to her Haze parent strain. Her taste is remarkable and memorable. She tastes like straight up dried strawberries and musty earth, with a slightly skunky quality. Strawberry Cough makes your taste buds sing.

3. Blue Dream

My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source: I will also add a quick mention of Blue Dream. This is because she is also a fruity Haze combination, but has the Blue family genetics of ripe, bursting blueberry flavor to compliment the hazy skunk notes.

4. NYC Diesel

My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source: the fruity comes the fuel. NYC Diesel is becoming a famous strain throughout the country, legal or not, for her taste and medicinal value. Many enjoy the fuel like pungent aroma and flavor that is paired nicely with hints of tart lime zest or grapefruit. Also worth noting is that she’s pretty potent, but known to keep her sativa energy level headed.

5. Granddaddy Purple

My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source: back to the more indica dominant side of hybrids, Granddaddy Purple has always been a favorite of mine. Her smell and taste are what your brain would imagine when you think of the word “purple.” Her flavor tastes of berries of all sorts, along with surprising nutty notes and a creaminess that is not found in other purple strains such as Grape Ape, in my opinion. In the end, the pure purple taste is what keeps me lusting after GDP over and over.

6. Afghan Mango (aka Mango Afghani)

My Favorite Strains: Top 6 Best Tasting, Source:, my 100% absolute favorite strain based on flavor alone—though her nugs are stunning in appearance and smell too—is Afghan Mango (aka Mango Afghani). I say this because I believe that this strain exemplifies most of the possibilities along the cannabis terpene and flavor profile spectra. From sweet, to earthy, from fruity to skunky and spicy, she has it all. But overall, her mango taste is what keeps me snatching her up any chance I get.

As soon as you take a nice toke from this beauty, your mouth resonates with mango sweetness mixed with peppery hops. As you exhale, earthy notes of incense and haze are noticed but the mango never leaves. Even as you hit the joint for the last time, sweet mango can be tasted. That alone allows me to say that, to date, Afghan Mango is my favorite tasting strain I’ve come across.

Undoubtedly, I could go on and on, but here you have it, a list of what I can say are my top six favorite tasting strains.

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