My Favorite Strains: Cheese, Source: so many great marijuana strains out there, it can be very hard for many novices to keep up with all the different types of strains available in a dispensary. Something I often tell new cannabis shoppers is that there are actually less strains than you might think, since there are so many different crosses out there. Genetics can vary wildly, and we currently live in an era of some incredible new strains.

Once you can identify the parent strain, it becomes much easier to remember what is what, based on the starting sources. For example, if you don’t know what a strain like “Sour Breath” is at first, knowing that the common “Sour” is actually “Sour Diesel” and that the “Breath” is a popular cross like “Lambs Breath” makes it easy to figure out that you have a hybrid sativa strain on your hands.

Cheese is most definitely a strain that gets crossed into a lot of different things, and it wouldn’t be such a popular parent strain if it wasn’t fire on its own.

Said to be descended from the Skunk strain, Cheese is a heavy indica that is great for sedation and night time use. True to its name, it definitely has a cheesy smell and is also extremely potent and will stink up any vessel you might choose to store it in, so do not get this strain if you have the need to store your bud under the radar.

I find straight-up Cheese to be a bit of a rarity these days in Colorado marijuana dispensaries, but there is no lack of it being crossed into other strains. Blue Cheese, UK Cheese, Sour Cheese, and Cheese Bomb are all crosses that be found on dispensary shelves; and while each has its own distinct flavor, they all contain that stinky, very potent Cheese as a start.

So if you do happen to see some straight-up Cheese on its own, make sure to grab at least a gram and see why it remains a go-to for breeders to create new indica hybrid strains.

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