My Favorite Strains for an Active Lifestyle, Source: in a very active part of Colorado known as bike town, dog town and ski town, among other well-recognized traits of Steamboat Springs, one would wonder what strains of cannabis seem to be popular with all the avid outdoors men and women living here. Not to mention all of the average outdoor enthusiasts, who live and flock here throughout the seasons of the year.

With the stigma of “lazy” cannabis users dwindling, a more diverse cannabis consumer profile is emerging — cyclists, fishermen, skiers and snowboarders, kayakers, hikers, runners, flow artists, dancers, yogis, gymnasts and people who enjoy a light stroll down a guided path. Cannabis connoisseurs come from all walks of life.

Going to both medical and recreational dispensaries in my area, though there remains a good selection at most places, a clear trend can be seen. It seems most consumers prefer a sativa strain or sativa heavy hybrid compared to a heavy indica, which makes perfect sense.

So after talking with various friends, dispensary workers and owners, I compiled a list of the most popular strains for an active lifestyle.

1. Trainwreck

My Favorite Strains for an Active Lifestyle, Source:


One we all know and love. Famous for her potent-THC containing buds that lead to a very enhanced mindset and euphoria at its best. Trainwreck is useful for enabling creativity and reduced anxiety, leaving the consumer feeling “carefree” and active.

However, if you overdo it, you can find your body is overpowering the mental effects, and one is left in a happy but more imaginative and contemplative state. In an active lifestyle, I can find this important in many ways, but it can also come back to bite ya if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. I’d use this strain during a nice summer day/night hike.

2. Haze Strains

My Favorite Strains for an Active Lifestyle, Source:

Super Silver Haze

On the more potent sativa side are Haze strains. You can find strain variations such as Super Silver Hazethe original Haze, Lemon Haze, Neville’s Haze, and the infamous Purple Haze, among many, many more. I included Haze strains on this list due to their characteristic uplifting cerebral qualities.

The Haze family is known to be a good sociable strain, that also has great pain relieving qualities. I find Hazes best for activities that have a higher energy requirement, such as cycling and mountain biking, kayaking, skiing and snowboarding, hula hooping, and even late-night dancing. It’s also an appropriate strain for those who like to contemplate nature’s beauty.

3. Skunk Strains

My Favorite Strains for an Active Lifestyle, Source:

Island Sweet Skunk

The Skunk family, ranging from the first ever Skunk #1, to Lime Green Skunk (a favorite of mine), Island Sweet Skunkto her hybrid daughters of Sour Diesel and, based on smell profile, the notorious Shoreline. (Added note: Jack Herer is a cross between Skunk #1, Haze and Northern Lights, so this strain would be a prime example of an “active lifestyle” strain).

Skunk strains are undoubtedly high potency but also can come with lowered energy and dry mouth tendencies, so moderate use of this strain is recommended for the best, balanced effect. Her potency lends to a very energetic, but manageable high. I find it to be one of my favorite lineages for an all-day-use strain.

4. AK-47

My Favorite Strains for an Active Lifestyle, Source:


Finally, there’s AK-47, which comes from a skillful mix of multiple strains of Afghani, Colombian, Mexican and Thai varieties. This sativa dominant hybrid has some calming bodily aspects due to her partial indica nature, despite still being on the potent side.

Her effects are pretty balanced in both relaxing, meditative qualities and a long-lasting cerebral buzz that is good for longer duration activities such as cross country skiing and long distance exercise. Or as I use it most, as my rejuvenation after a good workout.

Daily activity is key in life for a good balance of both mental and physical health. And, just because you run, climb, jump or bike doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cannabis. Nowadays, there are a diverse number of ways to consume cannabis, such as vaping, edibles and topical products. I wholeheartedly believe this is allowing more people to open their minds to cannabis use and its benefits. Through proper use, science, genetics, plant and biochemistry, it’s become easier to show that cannabis is indeed a medicine for all.

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Just Outstanding. This info will help everyone😆

tony chasco
tony chasco

God bless the herb, I,m a man in my 70des ,ex nam vet, with an active lifestyle thanks to the plant that every one calls bad. Use to take 14 pills a day, the side effects were debilitating. Their was no life ,just drugs. 


Wonderful list. As a relative newcomer, this info helped me overcome an 8 year pain management battle and opiate dependency. Oddly, one main reason for getting away from opiate treatment is there can be no form of an active lifestyle with daily use. You basically wither away and die. With this info I ,( from your site here mostly), have started moderate exercise and  some very quiet experimentation. The real evil of being in a brown state is that I could have safe, healthy access to these strains but, instead have to rely on the other system, which is not so good for Sativa. Rambling now. Thanks again.