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With Hempfest 2013 deliciously approaching, I thought I’d take a few words to mention not only a great stoner destination, but also one only steps from Hempfest. When I am high, I absolutely love going to the Seattle Center. I am fortunate enough to live within walking distance, and I am there nice and tuned up at least once a week. The Seattle Center is not hard to find by the way, no matter how high you are, just find some skyline and look up- it’s the proud home of our Space Needle. The Space Needle is a tremendous sight all by itself, believe me, but this article isn’t actually about it.

It’s not really about any of the attractions, though they are all Great Destinations While High in and of themselves- Seattle Center– the Experience Music Project, Chihuly Glass Garden/Museum, IMAX, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Children’s Museum, Key Arena and the Monorail all totally awesome- but it is actually just the grounds in general that I love wandering around when I’m baked. It is hands down my favorite place to stroll around with my puppy and my gal. In any season, rain or shine (or more rain), day or night- whether it just me or it’s crowded butts to cocks, I am always happy to be there.

It’s always safe to walk around and there’s always something interesting going on whether you do or don’t want to spend money. Barely a weekend passes by where there isn’t a festival showcasing a nation or ethnicity. And that’s when there isn’t a festival celebrating some other cool shit- this is Seattle after all.

There are many hidden, and not so hidden gems on the grounds of the Seattle Center. The International Fountain is center stage on the lawn, gloriously conspicuous, and provides much appreciated relief from the heat during the summer. Even if you don’t have the nerve to run amok down there with the kids, you can catch a cool spray from the breeze. In addition to the main showpiece, there are four smaller, but just as thoughtful fountains scattered amongst the grounds. There’s also a Japanese meditation garden, complete with the Kobe Bell, a gift from the city of Kobe, not to mention only one of the many art installations to be found.

This wouldn’t be a stoner article if I didn’t close by mentioning the munchies. The Armory has an irresistible, almost sadist collection of delicacies. How about a burger with SPREADABLE BACON for example? Oh hell yeah! And you could gorgingly and gleefully chase that with brick oven pizza, homemade fudge, saucy bbq, a $5 foot long and a Caramel Macchiato. There’s even health food joints muthafuckas. #lightersup

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