In my last portable vaporizer pen review on the O.Pen Vape, I predicted that it would be the last pen I would need for awhile. This prediction has so far been true; the O.Pen has remained a go-to source for portable sessions with virtually no mechanical issues, and changes in the O.Pen and marketing of the cartridges have actually made it even better.

As stated in my first review, the deal is that you get the actual device, a skinny and totally discreet pen with a smart phone/tablet stylus on the other end, for free when you buy two strain-specific cartridges. This remains true, though there are now only 250 mg ones available. The amount of pre-loaded strains continues to increase, which is very cool; in most cases, manufacturer Organa Labs seems to work with dispensaries to use some trim from their grows to keep new strains coming. While not every store seems to always have the strain specific cartridges in stock (mostly because they just sell out so quickly), the variety of cartridges available is certainly impressive.

O Pen Tank Refill, portable vaporizer, Source: Prospero

O Pen Tank Refill Syringe Kit

In lieu of the larger strain-specific pre-filled tanks, syringes with specifically diluted oil are now available. These syringes comes with a needle that make it easy to just pop the plastic plug out of an empty cartridge and fill it back up. A “tank refill kit” has 700 mg of THC and can fill up 2.5 tanks.  Retailing for around $50 ish (depending on where you get one), this is a good value that lasts a long time, and is certainly better then having to get a new tank every single time one runs low. The syringes come in indica, sativa, or hybrid, and while not strain-specific, are definitely accurate: the sativa has a more “up” kind of feeling while the indica is way sleepier.

These syringes can be used in ANY portable vaporizer pen that can be filled with hash oil, and I highly recommend using this over any other thicker oil. While many other vaporizer pens can be filled with “raw” hash oil that was created just for smoking or dabbing, often times it is too thick to smoke or draw properly. Because portable vaporizer pens are really designed for thinner oil (like nicotine oil found in most e-cigarettes), the thicker the oil, the worse the smoking experience will be. Because the Organa Lab Tank Refill Kit syringe is watered down with glycerin, it will be a much smoother and overall much better hit when you take your O.Pen, Atmos, or any other oil-based portable vaporizer pen with you.


Actually the tank refill kit does not contain only glycerin. It is clearly stated on the package-- cannabis oil, ethylene oxide polymer (whatever THAT is),ethanol, and vegetable glycerin. I personally am OK with it, but a lot of people might not be-- in any case, seems that for a review it should be accurate. I sure the amounts are tiny. However, this product is thinned with a LOT more than just glycerin.


There are some new coils coming out for atomizers that have a wick contained inside the chimney, rather than hanging out, and those work a lot better with thick oils. With an 80% THC oil I think it bears thinning out, and that can be done with VG, PG, PEG, ethanol (ever clear)...bit its messy and hit or miss, this tank refill kit is actually really convenient. It can be loaded into any cartridge or tank and works well. I use an evod glass tank with new, upgraded bdc bottom dual coils, and it works perfectly. Store on its side or upside down to prevent leaking. Go slow, don't heat it all up every time, let it cool a little between puffs and it won't leak and tastes good until the end. I replace my atomizer head every time I refill--theyre cheap, $5 or so on eBay....get your pen supplies on eBay, hit vape shops to look at stuff up cose but all this stuff can be found on eBay for so much cheaper than retail. Good luck!