O.Pen Vaporizer, Source: Prospero

O.Pen Vaporizer

Regular readers of Weedist might have seen some of my previous portable vaporizer pen reviews here on the site. After getting my hands on the Atmos Raw, I thought that all my vape pen needs were solved. However, after a few weeks of repeated use the battery died (again) and I just decided that I was done with Atmos for a while. I eventually got my warranty and got a new battery, but during the few weeks it took to fill out the warranty, speak to a customer service rep, and wait for the mail, I heard about a new promotion that many dispensaries in Denver had begun advertising.

For reasons that we still haven’t been able to fully grasp, the O.Pen Vaporizer Pen (pronounced simply as O-Pen, or “Open Vape”) are only available in a select few centers, with the rest (my dispensary included) shut out from being able to sell them. Problems with the distributor aside, I’m happy to report that I’m almost certain about this one: the O.Pen is definitely one of the best portable vaporizers available.  

While it cannot take raw bud or concentrates like the Atmos Raw (although word is that empty cartridges can be re-filled with earwax, and if I find someone to show me I’ll certainly pass the info on to my fellow weedists) the cartridges that come with the O.Pen are just so easy to use, effective, and tasty that it really doesn’t really matter that they haven’t yet figured out raw cannabis just yet. The major advantage to this pen is that (knocking heavily on wood with one had as I type with the other) is that the small size of the battery and cartridges reduce the moving parts that can be damaged or totally broken after a few uses. Unlike the Atmos, which I now know is totally susceptible to overheating during use, the O.Pen does not need to ever be taken apart and in over 6 weeks of owning it, I have yet to have a single problem with the device or cartridge. Additionally, there is no button to push to use it; simply inhale and the bottom of the pen blinks red and the process starts.  Not taxing the battery as much with a button that needs to be pushed or locked is another advantage in keeping the pen alive. Like many other pens, it charges with an included USB charger; the battery lasts about 6-8 hours and needs to be charged at least every few days if you use if often.

Another crazy fact I discovered by accident is that the opposite end of the pen is a tablet or smartphone stylus. FINALLY: a device that allows me to smoke while I take notes on my iPad!!

The extremely small size is another huge advantage because it makes it even more discreet the Atmos or any other larger sized pen. I know the editors here at Weedist don’t like it when I incriminate myself after the fact, but let me just say that this is an excellent pen for travel… Is there a Weedist Mile High Club for smokers?

O.Pen and Cartridges

The deal is that the pen is free with the purchase of two of any cartridges. The price varies depending on which dispensary, but the 250mg cartridges are about $25 and the 500mg are about $30. Like the Atmos, these come strain specific and each package comes with a small fridge magnet you can save to start a collection of strains you’ve tried.

A quick tangent to explain dosages in vaporizer pen cartridges. While it’s hard to say exactly how many mg of THC is in some flower, those wanting to know how long each cartridge will last can use the following: 250mg is somewhere in between an 1/8th and a 1/4 of good quality bud, and 500mg is somewhere in between a 1/4 and 1/2 oz. The Atmos cartridges that have 700mg are closer to about a 1/2 oz of good quality bud.

The 250mg cartridges of the O.Pen certainly go much quicker then the larger ones, and the pricing certainly makes more sense to get the bigger ones. Being more of a fan of sativa, I initially got a 500mg New York City Diesel (sativa dominant) and a 250mg White Widow (indica) just to try it out and see if I liked it. Both strains were great, but the 250 definitely went much quicker. I have since tried 250-sized cartridges of Durban Poison and Sour Diesel (both sativa), which were very tasty and effective. I recently picked up 500mg FLO and Bruce Banner (both sativa dominant) cartridges, which also each had a distinctive taste and an energetic sativa effect.

This will most likely be my last portable vaporizer pen review for quite awhile. For the last 6 months since I first hearing about the existence of these pens, I’ve been trying my hardest to find a permanent solution to being able to medicate just about anywhere, anytime. The portable vaporizer pen is the obvious answer, but with so many different models being sold by so many different companies, it’s been nothing short of ridiculous trying to find a product that was reliable and consistent.

While the Atmos Raw is still the very best option I’ve found so far for doing raw cannabis, I think the ease of use and reliability demonstrated by the O.Pen have earned my consistent use for the conceivable future.


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Why do the Black cartridges with the small side windows not vape the best? I almost find these styles of cartridges not to work at all sometimes and seem like such a waste compared to the other brand I use. Its a real disappointment when its all the store carries. Especially when the bud tender will encourage you to buy them and tell you they are the best, even when you know better! Real Bummer Deal & way overpriced for the quality of use. 


Great article, Mr. Garcia.  I like your opinionated stance and depend on those who have an opinion to help me through the maze.  I, too have an 0.pen and haul it everywhere.  It has to be sturdy: I'm always throwing things in my purse and have no time for cheap stuff.

Thank you.....keep writing.


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How do I purchase one of these?  I live in the south?