After my previous negative experience with the Synergy V Pen, I was determined to stop messing around with any other vaporizer pen and just go right for a brand that I always thought was the gold standard of vaporizer pens: Atmos.

A quick trip to their official website definitely shows that they have one of the largest selection of different pens available, from the simple and slim Atmos Stratus, to a portable pen with a dab nail for those who want to dab concentrates on the go. I choose to go with the Atmos Rx, which is a fairly generic pen in that it can connect with many different cartridges that are currently available.

The design is very basic and easy to use. It is also similar to some others I have used before, with one huge flaw; unlike the G Pen or even Synergy, the Atmos Rx does not have a “locking” mechanism, meaning the exposed button can easily be bumped up against a wallet or cell phone and go off in your pocket. In addition to wasting hash oil, this does cut down on your ability to use it discretely. This problem is solved easily enough by simply unscrewing the cartridge a few turns, but the design overlook is definitely a bit of a let down.

The pen itself works well and is easy to use. As mentioned before, there are many different cartridges available for these pens. I highly recommend any glass tank (pictured here) where you can actually see the hash oil inside.

Atmos Glass Cartridges

There are several vendors that make these, and many have them available strain-specific. I picked up a Skywalker OG, Moby Dick, and Blue Tahoe cartridge. Each one is delicious, VERY strong (with 700-800mg of THC in each, and definitely has lasted me a good long, while). Atmos also sells an attachment that is basically just an empty tank that you can refill yourself with any hash oil (their site calls this the “Atmos Optimus”). This is a great option that basically just turns the Atmos Rx into the G Pen and allows you to choose exactly the kind of hash oil you smoke.

I would recommend staying away from many of the other, smaller cartridges that you cannot see into (many of these are at a much lower dose like 100mg and 200mg). These might be a good fit for anyone with a low tolerance, but many other patients have complained that these cartridges do not work. While I did get some effect from them, I was definitely underwhelmed. Upon busting one open to actually see what was inside, I found that these do not actually contain any hash oil, but instead just have medicinal gauze dipped in hash oil. This would explain why these are not only taste a bit funny, but also why they don’t work nearly as well.

Atmos Cartridges to avoid

Overall, I am happy with the Atmos Rx, especially with the glass strain-specific cartridges and the hash oil attachment. The lack of a locking mechanism and slightly steep initial price (around $75 for the pen, and the glass cartridges are around $50 each) is a bit of a turn off, but overall it works well. Stayed tuned for the second part of this review, on the Rx’s younger, much more talented brother, the Atmos RAW. 

Atmos Rx

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I will never EVER buy another product from this company. I received a vape pen from a close friend that was leaving to go over seas the next day. I tried within a week to register my product but because I do not have the receipt, nor can I attain it now they will not let you register your\, I mean their product that you bought. IT HAS NEVER WORKED & THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH ME TO REPLACE IT!!!!

I had also bought within 20m days of this gift another Atmos product through Groupon. Thank god I bought through them as they care about their reputation & are replacing what is not working. 

It is of note that yes, I did inform customer service at Atmos that I now have 2 of their products withing 30 days of each other & neither works!!!!!!!!!!!! Their onyl solution was to send me a new part for free. However to send me that part that is less than 2 grams in weight it will cost me $12.95. THAT does not sound free  to me!!!!

I reiterated what I have gone through & what I have experienced with their CRAP products & it does NOT matter to them. 



Where did you find those cartridges pre filled? Is there a website?


I had been using the Atmos Jr for dabs for a while but recently tried a new vape pen called the WeeCig. apparently they are a new company out of Vancouver and their pen blows away the atmos jr. they have used a nico chrome coil as opposed to a titanium coil which is traditionally used in vape pens.  I have also found that when using herb, all the product in the chamber gets burnt evenly and I'm not left with half a bowl that won't light 


This is mostly in response to the rest of the review (Part 2), so definitely keep reading this great overview of the Atmos. But for those who are up to speed, I created some videos that help with getting better combustion hits (using a lot of the suggestions from your review!) and vape hits. Hope you don't mind me providing the resources here:

Combustion hits: 

Vaping with glass screen:

And for those of you who need glass screens (with FREE shipping vs 9 bucks, haha), or an Atmos that includes a glass screen, here's my site. These pens come DIRECTLY from Atmos Nation. In the review, the question was how do eBay sellers sell for so cheap? Simple. They buy knock-offs from China. I did that for a while, but most of those pens broke on customers. Atmos was nice enough to forgive me, and now my business works directly with them.

Atmos Rx:

Glass Screen Filters:

Hope this helps guys!

Vape Vet