My Favorite Strains: Moonshine Ghost aka MSG, Source: Original photography by Phe Harpha for Weedist.comMSG is the shortened name for my next favorite strain: Moonshine Ghost. I tend to add the “haze” ending, since the cross is Moonshine Haze x Ghost OG, and I think it rolls off the tongue easier and sounds more appealing. I chose this strain because though I am not the biggest of Haze fans, I do really enjoy Moonshine Haze. And that is because Moonshine Haze is the very tasty cross of Nevil’s Wreck and Amnesia Haze. So I figured knowing how much I appreciate the qualities of those strains, and the same with Ghost OG being an OG Kush phenotype, I had to try out this MSG.

One may think that because of the haze background that MSG would be a balanced sativa hybrid, but because Ghost OG is a indica dominant hybrid, this strain ended up being more indica heavy, and is actually listed as an indica on many dispensary menus. The crossing of the two didn’t stop there though. If you know what each strain looks, smells, and tastes like, then you can probably imagine how I am about to describe these flowers.

The MSG I obtained was very earthy smelling in the beginning, but I let the nugs sit in a jar for awhile and after about a week or so, cracked open the jar again. What I found was more of a sweet citrus and earthy smelling quality, and was more appealing to my senses. As I got my nose closer to the jar, I realized not only the smell, but also the true appearance of the flowers. They are in clumps of calyxes (or budlets) that look like bright green tiny little pine cones, all covered in silver trichomes.

Once I got to actually try it I was pleasantly surprised, not only did she smoke more sweetly than I imagined, but a diesel flavor now held the foreground, with only subtle hints of the citrus I could once smell. I noticed too that the more and more I smoked the bowl, the more strange little sour notes crept up, showing how pungent these fuel tastes could really be. So pervasive and earthy it reminds me of whole black peppercorns and how they give off a spicy aroma when cracked in a mill.

The powerful qualities don’t end here either — the effects are also noteworthy. After a few bowls I noticed that I felt a full body and mind relaxation, but a carefree mentality to match. The indica effects weren’t so hard hitting that I was couch-locked either, but the presence of such character was felt about an hour in after smoking, when I started to feel my energy diminish. And thus because of all of these qualities, I’d say if you like haze or kush strains, definitely try this MSG out—take your shoes off, prop up your feet, and enjoy.

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