Complete This Short Survey to Help Cannabis Research, Source: http://www.drugpolicy.org/sites/default/files/images/stock_photos/female-vaping-marijuana-reading-tablet_5802.jpgNow in their fourth year online, Marijuana Business Daily is running their fourth annual Marijuana Consumer’s Survey. While this survey is geared towards helping dispensaries and product manufacturers know what “the market” wants to buy, it also is an opportunity for patients to say what type of medicine works for them.

While this data is likely to be used for marketing purposes, there is a chance that data could be parsed and tell us the demographics of cannabis users across America, and other telling information. While it is a marketing survey, I am taking it in the hopes that the data can see more use than increasing the profit margins of the business-side of the industry.

We’re at a pretty crucial time for the cannabis legalization movement and for the cannabis industry, both recreational and medicinal. More research is coming out to support cannabis every day, as we are also seeing more political support. If one thing is true of research, you can never have enough. Did I mention this is a crucial time for the movement?

For years, cannabis users only had indica and sativa as terms to describe their medicine, then more recently cannabis ruderalis joined the mix. Now, more recent research shows that entire taxonomy might be inaccurate. This has led many cannabis users, like myself, to abandon looking at strains as indica or sativa and instead to focus on the cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Are you one of those patients who looks past indica and sativa towards terpenes and the entourage effect? This survey is your chance to make that known. Are you part of a growing pool of patients who use cannabis for seizures or PTSD? Or perhaps you just like getting blitzed on dabs. Either way, this survey is relevant to your interests.

Click the banner below to be taken to the survey on MMJ Business Daily’s website. It will only be online for a limited time so please take the five minutes to do it now and make sure your views are counted.

Complete This Short Survey to Help Cannabis Research, Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/EouUIIjw_3N1HZ4om2IW0I-k_5VwSaj7UhI3t5Jmex5IJkXIm3cbqIk7EP3kHSCqsCDzGw=s170