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Adam Scott's New Cannabis Themed Sitcom ‘Buds’ Will Bring Weed Culture to Network TV, Source: http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/2015+Sundance+Film+Festival+Portraits+Day+btA-FDzqRX9x.jpg

Producer Naomi Scott and her husband, actor Adam Scott.

Adam Scott, who played the esteemed role of Mr. Knope on Parks and Recreation, is teaming up with producer Naomi Scott and one of Parks and Rec’s writers to create a new cannabis-themed sitcom called ‘Buds, which will be based in Denver, Colorado.

The show will air on NBC — the same prominent network that brought us Parks and Recreation and many other well-known “household name” shows. This marks a notable shift in the way cannabis is perceived in our culture. Whereas before we had shows like Weeds (which, let’s be honest, was fairly entertaining but not exactly an accurate portrayal of cannabis culture), we now begin to see the effects of legalization on mainstream media.

A cannabis sitcom, if done correctly, is rife with potential to normalize weed culture to the public in ways that we have been unable to do as of yet. It has the ability to bring cannabis culture into the living room of every American and normalize both cannabis use and its consumers.

Buds, which will be a comedy hopefully as funny and well-honed as Parks and Rec (can you tell I’m a huge fan yet?), will follow the day-to-day operations of a cannabis dispensary. Presumably, this will be a recreational dispensary, though time will tell.

So who is Adam Scott (besides the lucky guy who gets to play Amy Poehler’s beau in Parks and Rec), and what can we expect from him and his views on weed? Not much is truly known, and he hasn’t made an official statement about the show yet. However, some context clues suggest that Scott may indeed be a stoner.

In the movie The Overnight, Scott reportedly plays a drunk and stoned character. When asked how he played his role so well, Scott replied, “No, I don’t drink and we certainly weren’t smoking pot on set.”

I find his response interesting, as he does not say that he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t smoke. He says he does not drink and he wasn’t smoking while on the set. This seems to suggest that Scott is a toker and not a drinker.

Additionally, there is this whacky example of Scott’s cannabis humor:

We can only hope that we will see our favorite Parks and Rec faces in this new series, such as the illustrious Amy Poehler (Amy, will you marry me?), Adam Scott himself, Nick Offerman and Aziz Ansari. I’d love to see Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza as well. In fact — can we just take the cast of Parks and Rec and move them to Denver and give them some weed? That’d be great.

The series is still a ways off from a pilot premiere, and the script has yet to be written, so time will tell how this pans out. We can only hope that Scott, his writing team, and producer Naomi Scott can give us what we all crave and deserve — a great piece of cannabis-themed comedy that takes the high road and brings a positive depiction of cannabis culture to the mainstream media.

Make us proud, Adam.


I hope Buds is up to par with Party Down, he was great in that show.


I hope you keep us updated on the progress of this show and if we can help support it by letting NBC know we would watch it.