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"VAPE" Is Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year, Source: http://www.epochtimes.ru/eet-content/uploads/2014/09/454241806.jpgEvery year, the people at the Oxford Dictionary anoint one word that they deem to be a new or otherwise culturally important sign of the times. Last year, “selfie” was an obvious choice, and past entries have included “unfriend” (2009) and “podcast” (2005).

Well this year’s word was just announced and it’s quite a big one for our favorite topic of choice: VAPE.

Yes, vape. As in, “vape pen,”¬†short for “vaporizer.”¬†While the ubiquitous nature of nicotine vaporizer pens certainly has something to do with it, it’s hard not to imagine that the increase in high profile marijuana vape pen users contributed to the decision by Oxford.

So keep it up, weedists, and maybe next year they’ll pick a word like “dab“. We can certainly dream…