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In continuing to show downtown Seattle love with Hempfest rapidly approaching, I am proud to share a destination that sounds like it was dreamt up after a sticky icky icky sesh. Shorty’s is a retro pinball parlor and arcade, munchie-rific hot dog joint, and, oh yeah, a bar. Thanks to my girl Mary, this place is a super cheap date, only cost me munchies and a roll of quarters, natch.

Initially, I had my reservations about covering a bar in the marijuana space, but then I realized how often I was there and didn’t drink! Shorty’s is a righteous pinball joint, first and foremost- right down to the tournaments they host. Pinball is yet another pastime I’ve been able to enjoy before and after the pipe. Personally, I find it very cathartic after a video game session; Shorty’s has a few retro video games too- inevitably when they piss me off, it’s where I find my peace. Sarcasm, of course- pinball is as fickle a mistress as any when it comes to parlor games. The joy of a 650,000 point ball can be stricken down one launch later by a ball that took the express train to hell.

This stoner finds Shorty’s most palatable there on weeknights, when it’s a little more quiet. Having played pinball both tipsy and baked, my experience is that only with the latter can I engage in the machine’s story. Focusing on a target with stoner tunnel vision trumps a drunk man trying to stay alive seven days a week. Completing the objectives is so rewarding in stoned pinball sessions. Weed is incredibly good about amplifying each’s table new adventure- and the classics have sights, sounds and trippy to go along. Any potheads out there who played a Bally/Midway machine from early 90’s knows what I mean. Theatre of Magic fans holla’ back. That machine rocks and they got it, among other classics.

When the quarters and the THC run out, Shorty’s delivers one hell of a goodbye in the form of a hot dog served in quick fashion directly by the bartender. Cream cheese, kraut and ketchup is how I’ve come to like mine- park a Stewart’s Grape Soda at the side and you’ve got one happy ass weedist. #lightersup

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