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If you are like most people struggling with what to purchase for your father on Father’s Day, remember it isn’t about the material gifts. This year, if you don’t know what to get your dad, try this: tell your dad that you smoke weed. The folks from the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) have made it easy to have this conversation with their new “Dear Dad” campaign. Just share the campaign on your Facebook page, and you’ll no-doubt be talking about cannabis with your family very soon.

Dear Dad is created in typical MPP fashion: to the point in comparing cannabis with alcohol. This 30-second clip will help many folks re-frame the conversation about cannabis with your family: if alcohol is accepted, why isn’t marijuana? Let’s talk.

MPP Dear Dad Campaign

Here is the email we received on Saturday from Marijuana Policy Project Director of Communications, Mason Tvert:

Just before Mother’s Day, we released a video titled “Dear Mom,” which portrayed a young woman writing a note to her mother to let her know how she feels about marijuana. The goal was to demonstrate how easy it is to start a conversation about the issue with loved ones who might still have qualms about making marijuana legal for adults.

With Father’s Day coming up tomorrow, we’re launching a similar web video, aptly titled “Dear Dad,” which depicts a son starting a conversation about marijuana with his father.

I hope you will take a minute to watch the 30-second “Dear Dad” video, share it with others using the buttons below it.

He explains to his father how they’re a lot alike — they both work hard and have good jobs — but at the end of a long day he prefers to use marijuana instead of having a drink. It is these types of conversations that are going to build the support needed to end marijuana prohibition.

Please check out the short video and then share it with your dad, grandfather, family, or friends and get the conversation started today.

Thanks so much for watching and sharing the video.


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Mason Tvert
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Marijuana Policy Project
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Unfortunately this argument doesn't work with my dad because "It doesn't matter what you or I think, the bottom line is it is illegal and because of that, and that alone, it can ruin your life." I see his argument but don't think smoking a bowl on my deck is really putting me at risk with the law. But the famous line is "his house his rules," so what can I do but respect them? Sincerely, A recent college grad who moved back home and misses his nightly tokes

Mar' Barn
Mar' Barn

She can tokes elsewhere like in friend's home, etc.!

Lakota Weedist
Lakota Weedist

I hear you and it's sad that people draw lines in the sand like that on topic they don't understand (or at least understand through the lies of our government). It's our job to educate our communities so that we can end this prohibition and enjoy our tokes along with folks who have a night-cap drink. Ending this insanity begins with informed and open conversation.