In my last post on this topic I described my initiation to butane hash oil (aka. concentrates) and my first experience with hash oil pens. In summary: hash oil concentrates are a bold new area for Weedists, and the vape pen hardware is relatively expensive, but definitely worth the experience, especially for the discrete dabber. So I set out on a quest to find a cheaper alternative to the branded hash oil pens out in the marketplace (such as the Cloud Vaporizer Pen, Trippy Stix, Omicron, Persei, G-Pen, etc).

Inspiration for a Cheaper Vape Pen

Build Your Own Cheap Hash Oil Pen Using E-Cigarette Parts

Micro Vaped Hash Pen

Build Your Own Cheap Hash Oil Pen Using E-Cigarette Parts

JoyeTech e-cig 510 Threads

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was able to determine that my Vaped Vaporizer used the e-cigarette “510” standard thread pattern, which made it easy to look for alternatives. If I could find an e-cigarette that used the 510 thread pattern, I would continue to use my current hardware and just expand my options… so that is exactly what I set out to do.

I stumbled upon a post from CaptnGreenJeans @ Reddit. In that post CaptnGreenJeans suggests that people look at the Joyetech line of e-cigarette batteries and add a cartomizer to the mix. Allegedly those two basic components will perform the same task as my $70 hash oil pen. Time to try this experiment!

My e-Cigarette / Vaporizer Pen Order

Reading through CaptnGreenJeans post I decided to go with:

All that is technically required here is the battery, cartomizer and charger (bring your own 110 volt to USB converter — I just use my cell phone wall outlet adapter), but I would definitely recommend the extra ~$6 for a drip tip and cone cover. The drip tip tops the rig and historically has been used by e-cigs to drip liquid nicotine onto the hot coil and prevent it from splattering back on (and burning) the user, and the cone cover completes the aesthetics  but also stabilizes the cartomizer so that it isn’t only held in place only by it’s threads. My total purchase was $43.63 (plus shipping – no tax unless you live in New York). $50 (including shipping) isn’t far off the mark from the $70 I spent for my Vaped Vaporizer pen, but this new setup comes with 5 cartomizers, which at $1.00 each is a far better option than $10 each for Vaped skillets. We’ll have to see how well they work.

I expect that I’ll be getting my parts in a few days and then I’ll post an update of my progress. Stay tuned!

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