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Alex GreyIn the vein of great television, music, or movies to enjoy whilst stoned, I thought why not suggest some cool artwork to peruse while in that state of mind as well. Today’s artist is not new, but he is not terribly well known either.

I am speaking of Alex Grey. Fans of the band TOOL may recognize his art, as it was prominently featured on the  cover and in at least one of the music videos for their Lateralus album.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors website states, “Alex Grey is best known for his paintings which portray multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies.”

What draws me to Grey’s artwork is the way he can make a canvas look as though it is illuminated from behind and the themes of interconnectedness and harmony that persist throughout.

As with most things I recommend, cannabis is not essential to the enjoyment of Alex Grey’s art. However, I find that when I’m high I have an easier time sinking into the rhythm of the world around me and I can more readily feel that sense of oneness with (and my place within) the greater vicissitudes of being.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of Alex Grey’s collection:


This one is just cool (as are they all). It kind of reminds me of just after a killer yoga class or a hugenormous bong rip when you feel all blissed out and part of everything around you.

Alex Grey, Source: http://alexgrey.com/
Moving Face

(I can’t find a specific name, but I believe it’s “Moving Face”)

Again, notice the interplay of light and shadow and the recurrent themes of blended boundaries and flaming eyes.

Alex Grey, Source: http://alexgrey.com/
Cosmic Christ:

This one is one of my all time favorites and I have a print of it on my wall. Take a close look. There are tons of small micro-paintings painted within the greater piece as a whole. It’s kind of like a mosaic. I won’t dictate your experience of this art with words, just look deep at it.

Alex Grey, Source: http://alexgrey.com/

Thanks for going on this Alex Grey trip with me. I hope you’ll check out Grey’s website or just do a Google image search for “Alex Grey” and take a look at his large and impressive body of work. Let me know what you think.

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