This is just one of several videos online right now that talks about the benefits of juicing cannabis. I’ve been discussing juicing here on Weedist as I document growing my own cannabis for the purpose of juicing it.

Most other videos and articles say a similar thing: THC-A is a compound that can be activated in cannabis when juiced, and this has been proven to help the immune system and boost overall health in a huge way. This does not have the psychoactive effect that is found in THC, which needs to be activated either by smoking or cooking.

I’ve been told a few different exact dosage numbers by various industry-level growers (and in one case, a professional chef whose specialty was teaching people how to grow and juice their own cannabis), but it seems that a standard dose of cannabis juice is about 15 fan leaves. The video above shows people doing it with fresh, full buds, and it seems like that’s obviously a great way to get a much, much bigger dose. For those with cancer and other seriously life-threatening illnesses, doing full buds makes a lot of sense; in my case, just the fan leaves are enough to get a good dose so I can then harvest the buds for smoking.

No matter what, everyone has said the same thing on one issue: you have to juice the cannabis fresh. As soon as it is cut off the mother, you’re on the clock for losing potency. I have known people who have flash frozen trim and then juiced it right out of the freezer, and that is probably fine, but the idea is that it has to still have plenty of THC and THC-A in there.

juicing cannabis, cutting leaves, Source: Prospero

Must be done fresh!

I have a wheatgrass grinder that I use, just like if I were making myself a daily wheat grass shot. I also use other fruits and berries, as well. This is for two reasons; the first is simply taste, and the second is because fresh juice is awesome! There are just as many good vitamins and minerals in other fruits too that are great for your body as in cannabis itself, and since fresh marijuana doesn’t taste great, it’s the perfect way to get two birds stoned.

Just like with vitamin C and other homeopathic remedies, the benefit is hard to see at first for someone who is merely trying to stay healthy. Fresh cannabis juice certainly doesn’t get you “high”, and after trying between 10-15 fan leaves a day for the last two weeks, I can’t say I see too much difference so far in my overall feeling. I still drink coffee, although I have been drinking less a day and feeling fine. Some of that might be because of the other stuff I’m juicing, some might be a placebo, or some might be an actual benefit. I’m going to keep juicing every day for at least a month before making a final judgment (and I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated!)

As I have been doing during this entire series, I’d like to open up the comment section, and I specifically would like to hear any feedback from any Weedists out there who juice regularly: what are your favorite fruits/veggies to juice? Has any one else tried to juice cannabis? Let us know!

juice cannabis, making weed-grass, Source: Prospero

Ready to make some “weed-grass”…