Regular readers of Weedist probably already know about AJ the Hashman, owner of At Home Baked and head honcho of the Colorado MMJ Meet and Greets. AJ and At Home Baked not only make incredible kits for patients to make their own brownies or blondies at home, but they also make some truly unique bubble hash, as well. Their latest product is a total no-brainer: Stixx.



Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like: a medicated pixie stix. Seriously, every candy that you loved as a kid has now come back in the form of an MMJ treat.

Stixx come in AM (sativa) or PM (indica) and have 50mg of THC and 25mg of CBD. Retailing for about $6 each, these are a huge success.

AJ’s “Neck and Back Pain Hash” is some of my favorite bubble hash because it has an amazingly euphoric, uplifting body high with a very clear head effect. When I first tried some of that hash a few months ago, my initial reaction was that it was the only cannabis I’ve ever tried that had an effect similar to synthetic drugs that one might find at certain kind of party that also goes heavy on the electronic music and glow sticks. Not surprisingly, the AM Stixx has the same effect; after eating an entire one, I had hours of energy and felt great. The one downside was that, very similar to the feeling one has after taking said other drugs, I actually had a hard time getting to sleep after getting home because the effect was still in pretty high gear hours after it first came on. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, just something that I was careful to take into consideration when using the AM Stixx again.

The PM one is just as heavy on the opposite end of the spectrum, and despite an initial sugar rush, is definitely a good nighttime sleep aid.

Taste wise, these are just like I remember pixie stix being when I was a kid; pretty much straight-up sugar, with only a hint of hash taste. All in all, this is an incredibly high quality product that should be of use to many MMJ patients.

My one complaint is that the plastic tube the sugar comes in makes it a bit difficult to tear open and eat the entire thing without the use of scissors. However, I remember most pixie stix I ate when I was a kid being just as difficult to eat (and often requiring me to eat the paper), so I’m not sure there’s really much of a better way to package a “stick” of sugar. Sure, it could come in a simple plastic box that would allow you to simply open and subsequently mainline all the sugar at once, but where’s the fun in that?