Marijuana News

Amendment 64 has already legalized possession and use of marijuana for all adults.

Many people have gone further, assuming that selling marijuana is no longer going to land them in jail. The problem with that is that sales are still just as illegal as they were before the passage of Amendment 64.

Recreational MJ Sales in CO is Still Illegal - and Dangerous. Source: 44-year-old man from Denver learned the hard way. After a dispute over a recreational MJ deal outside his house on December 13th, Christopher Davis was shot in the back and rushed to the hospital. He was arrested after 2 days in the hospital: it turns out he had been selling marijuana to an undercover cop on Craigslist. Davis apparently really believed he was acting within the law, (he checked the undercover cop’s ID to make sure he was 21) and he is not the only one.

An article on (ABC News) claims that Davis also had powder and crack cocaine in his house, and then blames the violence on the marijuana. “Violent crime is nothing new in the evolving world of marijuana decriminalization. The creation of medical marijuana dispensaries and growing operations in Colorado led to armed robberies, assaults and even some killings.” This is what they claim, which is both aggravating and false. While there have been some robberies, and some of those didn’t go well, the required security measures for a MMJ establishment actually ensure a more secure neighborhood.

No non-medical marijuana can be legally sold in Colorado until rules and regulations are in place for the opening of retail stores.

The task force in charge of hammering out these regulations has until October to do so. Until then, it is only legal to give it away. Everyone please remember this, don’t get yourself in trouble. Please also remember to be generous: if you give a person a gift of bud, that person certainly has the right to choose to return the favor with a gift of their own choosing. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN!