A one hitter and its dugout, Source:

A one hitter and its dugout

In my college days, I had (and still have) a one hitter that was my go-to piece for a quick smoke. One hitters are small metal pipes that are meant to look like a cigarette and are great for disguised smoking.  It was tight, I could stroll down to the campus smoke shack, pack a few bowls, and appear to be another smoker getting his nicotine fix. There would be the slight smell of weed in the air, but I didn’t care.

As a poor college student, a one hitter worked great for me. They tend to have a smaller bowl, and the absence of a carb (the hole you cover with your finger that allows you to clear the chamber) means less wasted smoke. Together, this makes them great for conserving weed, as opposed to a joint or blunt.

With the majority of the smoke going into my lungs and not the air, it drastically reduces the smell, which helped me avoid detection by resident directors (edibles are also great for discreetness), their minions, or self-righteous snitches. One hitters are also small, easy to clean, and easy to transport.

Like anything, there are some downsides to a one hitter that I had to learn the hard way. One time at a party, I stepped out in between beer pong games to light up, and a few minutes after I returned, a good-natured party-goer informed me I had something in between my teeth: turns out it was ash.

Yeah, watch out for that, especially if you’re smoking shake; one hitters tend to pull ash through easier (though once you get to know your one hitter this becomes easier to avoid). They also tend to get clogged with resin faster, which leads to frequent cleanings, although this wasn’t really a big deal for me.

If you like to have a plethora of tools and means to smoke your herb like I do, a one hitter is a great little instrument to add to your arsenal. They are cheap, and you can find them online or at a smoke shop.  You can even get one with a “dugout,” or a case with a compartment that allows for quick and easy packing.

The pros and cons of one hitters:


  • Looks just like a cigarette
  • Less smell
  • Conserves weed
  • Small and easy to clean and transport


  • Tends to suck ash through
  • Clogs up faster
  • Not ideal for a group toke sesh



I took mine apart to clean it... How do I put it back together