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Using cannabis to treat autism in children is gaining acceptance among the cutting edge of the medical marijuana community. Parents have found that oral dosing can have dramatic effects: increasing attention spans, decreasing ‘stimming’ behavior (self stimulation due to excess body energy), and calming overall hyperactivity.

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SubCool School of Dank Seattle

The Green Avenger Jinxproof and Miss Rose, parents of an autistic child, are organizing the second SubCool School of Dank in SODO, Seattle on November 16-18 to raise money for NW Families For Autism, as well as homeless teens. The all-volunteer event is an intense three-day tutorial on all aspects of cannabis production.

SubCool’s goal is to work closely with patients and legal caregivers to help them become self-sufficient in their gardens. Sub will be demonstrating key concepts such as top dressing, and will cover all aspects of cultivation, including: room construction, atmosphere, seed selection, cloning and his respected Super Soil.

Other topics offered include grooming and curing, cooking, BHO and tincture production, and live glass blowing. Confirmed guests include Dioxide, TC Curtis, Oregon Ray and MzJill. There will be a medication area for WA state legal patients, and meals will be served.

Tickets go on sale today, are limited in quantity and are available from sponsoring collectives posted on the SubCool School of Dank Facebook page. The cost is a patient-friendly $75, a considerable value compared to similar courses.

While this is the charity’s biggest event, netting $13,000 last year, 100% directly to helping autistic and homeless children, TGA Jinxproof raises money year-round. A recently held raffle sponsored by his shop, Danktank House of Glass in Shoreline, WA, raised enough money to purchase an iPad for an autistic child who is now able to communicate more effectively with the world.