A garden as small as six square feet can supply a grower with all the medicine they need.

Many people living in apartments mistakenly believe that they do not have enough space for a grow room in their home. As I’ve mentioned in my previous article ‘Grow Room Equipment for Beginners‘, a grow room can be as small as 2′ (l) x 3′ (w) x 4’ (h). A grow cabinet this size should easily fit in almost any living space, and setting one up has never been easier.

Small grow cabinets can be constructed by the grower or purchased as a ready-made system.

Stand-alone grow rooms are available essentially in two types: There are economical grow tents, which are made of plastic or metal framing with durable plastic and reflective mylar walls. There are also grow cabinets or boxes, which are very sturdy and have built-in filters and odor control, and sometimes even built-in lighting, fans and hydroponic systems.

Those that cannot (or simply would rather not) afford one of these ready-made growing spaces, building your own is much more affordable. It is also much more labor intensive.

If you decide to build your own grow room, I recommend studying the different models of grow cabinets and tents available and basing your design on them. A grow cabinet can be constructed from wood for maximum durability. These are very sturdy and generally semi-permanent fixtures in the home.

Grow cabinets can also be constructed from wood, plastic or metal framing and mylar, or even more simply from thick foam insulation panels that have a reflective side. Foam insulation is flammable, and fire safety equipment such as these Flame Defender systems should be utilized if using foam insulation for your walls or ceiling. Good ventilation and/or LED grow lights will help reduce any risk of fire by reducing the overall temperature of your grow space.

All of these small grow rooms can easily be accommodated by most homes, including apartments.

A system can be found or built to suit the needs of almost any space. A closet or corner of a room is all the space you need to grow your own marijuana. The ready-made grow cabinets are much easier to setup properly. The fact that they are self-contained and completely sealed from light means that they can go virtually anywhere in the home without the extra trouble of checking for and sealing light leaks.

It is extremely important that no light is able to enter the grow room.

Marijuana is a photosensitive plant, which means that its flowering cycle is regulated by light. When a plant receives light during its night cycle, it causes stress (and even destroys some of the cannabinoids being produced) in the plant. This can lead to lower potency, but the real problem is that it can cause intersex traits to arise in your plants. This means that your female plants can grow a couple of male flowers, pollinate your entire garden and lead to a seedy harvest.

If you have one of these grow cabinets or tents, or have built your own small garden, please share your experiences with us.