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Yes on Amendment 64 Colorado

A small group has formed, ironically called ‘Smart Colorado,’ to try and stop the groundbreaking Amendment 64 up for vote in Colorado this November.  This Amendement would allow adults in Colorado to possess up an 1 ounce of marijuana for recreational use.  I can’t stress enough how important this amendment’s passing will be to continuing the chain of dominos falling in our march towards ending marijuana prohibition.

Smart Colorado has written a letter to marijuana enemy U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking he step in and help oppose the will of the majorty in a state matter.  The letter surprised Mason Tvert, the leader of pro-Amendment 64 groups.  “This seems like a politically tone-deaf request in light of the recent Rasmussen poll showing 61 percent of likely voters in Colorado support regulating marijuana like alcohol,” he said. “Whoever is asking the Obama administration to oppose Amendment 64 must be secretly rooting for Mitt Romney to be elected president in November.”

I hope current President Obama by now recognizes the growing wave of disgust over marijuana prohibition and can see elected officials falling in states like TX, NY, OR, etc.  Many politicians are waking up that we’re serious about ending prohibition and they can either ride the wave of the people’s will or fall under it’s crushing tide.  Obama and his pit bull Holder keep pushing and pushing us deeper into a police state and corruption instead of protecting the people’s civil liberties and fundamental rights.

Here are just *some* of the many wrongs against the people from Obama and his administration:

  • Not only lied about respecting 2008 campaign promise to respect state rights on medical marijuana, but did a complete 180 given the number of fed raids on legitimate dispensaries.  It is at a pace even George W would blush at.
  • Never closed Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Gitmo).
  • Can now assassinate US citizens without due process.
  • Can strip search us on arrest, even for jaywalking.
  • All the taxpayer $ wasted on Solyndra and attempts to stall proper investigations.
  • All the taxpayer $ and lives wasted on Fast & Furious aka Gunwalking scandal and attempts to stall proper investigations.
  • Flying drones over US to monitor own citizens.

Let me remind you Mr. President, Colorado is a swing state, so please choose carefully how you unleash your Attorney General on Amendment 64.  With the economy still struggling, and our soliders still uncessarily waging global war, do you really want to continue to trample on civil liberties that the majority of the US supports?  The number of indepedents is at an all-time high and if you’re not careful, many within your base will start to look at an alternative like Gary Johnson.


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