Weedist Comment Sweepstakes

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Earn a chance to win a sweet prize with every comment you make.

This Month's Sweepstakes Date: January 31, 2013


This Month's Prize: Weedist Hoodie

Weedist Hoodie

How Does It Work?

We take all new comments made each calendar month on weedist.com and randomly draw one as the winner by the 7th day of the following month. Each approved comment counts as one entry into the sweepstakes for the calendar month it was submitted.

If you are subscribed to the free weekly Weedist newsletter at month’s end, you will automatically receive two entries into that month’s sweepstakes and every month’s drawing you are subscribed to it thereafter. So sign up today and increase your chances at the booty!

What Do I Win?

The prizes will change from month-to-month, so please check out this month’s swag above!

What Do I Have to Do to Win?

All you have to do is contribute by commenting on posts, and/or by signing up for the free newsletter, which recaps the week’s hottest stories. Each comment that is approved gives you another entry into the monthly sweepstakes. So express yourself, debate and communicate, and win prizes!

Who Can Win?

For now, only United States residents are eligible to win. We apologize to all the other weedists out there, and highly encourage you all to still comment and debate. In the future, we will hopefully add additional countries to our eligibility list.

For a complete list of sweepstakes rules, please click here.