These dab mask rigs were first discovered on Facebook and are by glass artist Etail Rahmil.

Insane Dab Mask Pipe by Etai Rahmil

Hold on to your wax, because this mask is going to blow you away. Wicked and trippy with hypnotizing colors and an ingenious design, this dab mask truly needs to be seen in action to be believed. Check out the video below for the full effect.

Post by DJ Pollyfonika

If that isn’t the craziest shit you’ve seen all week, then you must have had one heck of an exciting week. Etai Rahmil really brings it with these designs, nailing both a very unique look and a functional rig. I know you’re craving more, so here’s one more sick video of Rahmil’s dab masks:

To see even more videos and photos of Etai Rahmil’s work, you can follow him on his personal Facebook page, linked above, or his instagram.

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