Instafire: Maka B Silver Fume Tube, Source: by @makabillion

Here is some Instafire that really jumped right off the screen. It’s not often I see a pic and immediately wish it was a video. I also wish there was about 4o other pics of it. Shouts out to flame king and IG monster Maka B on the post here. This tube is absolutely gorgeous. The recycler function looks heady to the max and this thing is adorned all over with heady treasures. I must have tagged 9 different people on this one.

The first thing worth noting and salivating over with this rig is the silver fume work. This is absolutely top notch and some of the nicest color work I’ve ever seen. I am not overstating that. For those unfamiliar, the gorgeous lined look you see is the result of actually including silver in the glass blowing process. It’s a technique that goes back to Bob Snodgrass and this is as good as it gets.

Our buddy B Money Glass is also a big fan of Maka B. He was good enough to share with me that this fuming is even more special than I think. Maka B is an avid outdoors man and actually mines his own silver. #BallerStatus

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Devon Remy
Devon Remy

An absolutely stunning blob of glass, even as a non-functional piece of sculpture.