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Nathan Miers X Maka B Kessel Run

I have not done one this bhomb in a long time. However, when I saw this rig I immediately ran to my keyboard. There is nothing more pleasing than a collab between two prolific pipers. Shouts out to Maka B and Nathan Miers who killed this one. This piece is called Kessel Run.

Aside from the gnarly head work, what immediately caught my eye was that gorgeous joint. This piece may be futuristic, but it is certainly ready for right now in terms of an e-nail. The fuming and color work are absolutely breathtaking. This is certainly part of Maka’s contribution. His fume work is priceless and I do mean that literally. We’re talking about a piper who mines his own minerals to fume. This is pretty tough to compete with. How delicious is that dabber?!

I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine Miers had something to do with the amazing space scene and gorgeous line work. Both artists are amazing at shaping and function, so I’m guessing a 50/50 split on epic there. This one is so pretty I don’t even know if I’d hit it one time. Oh and for those wondering what a Kessel Run is… are you that surprised this piece was made with the Force?

From the Star Wars Wikia:

The Kessel Run was an 18-parsec route used by smugglers to move glitterstim spice from Kessel to an area south of the Si’Klaata Cluster without getting caught by the Imperial ships that were guarding the movement of spice from Kessel’s mines.

It took travelers in realspace around The Maw leading them to an uninhabitable—but far easier to navigate—area of space called The Pit, which was an asteroid cluster encased in a nebula arm, making sensors as well as pilots go virtually blind. Thus there was a high chance that pilots, weary from the long flight through real space, would crash into an asteroid.

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