Instafire: Macs Glass Heady to the Max, Source: by @macsglass

Hell yeh… Now this is what I am talking about people. Browsing glass pics stoned and then writing about them is something I’m grateful for everyday. It never gets old, surprise surprise. Instafire like the photo you see above is why. I love functional art. Well, how about some functional art with a side of functional art?

This kit by Macs Glass is absolutely baller status. Shouts out to none another than Mac Bradshaw himself for holding Oregon glass down, blowing and posting these beauties.

From the left, we have a gorgeous looking sherlock. This is a classic dry pipe for your frostiest nugs. Even the headiest of dabbers, still keep it ol’ school now and again. The color and wig-wags are super clean. The pipe is also nicely shaped.

And how about those salt-n-pepper shakers?! I’ve told you before, it’s all about the accessories. Well, pipe matching salt and pepper shakers are about as legit as it gets. I don’t think I know a dabber that brings head art to his dinner table.

I think this is yet another tremendous victory for cannabis in mainstream culture. Last I checked, matching booze gear has been standard equipment for thousands of years. It’s time dope gets its place at the table. #LegalizeIt

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