Instafire: Leanin on Indica, Source: @diablodabsPosted by @diablodabs

From its early beginnings with Three 6 Mafia and Paul Wall, through Lil’ Wayne and Drake, and now even onto Bieber?! Sizzurp, Purple Drank, Lean, The Other Oil, Texas Tea – whatever you want to call it, has been super hot on the recreational rx drug scene. It’s just another flavor of opiate and it’s not really a good thing.


Feel free to question the marketing tactic, I did myself, but then I drank it! Shouts out to me on the Instafire. So, this “drank” is actually a HEAVY dose of edible BHO. We’re talking a 500mg shot of active THC in my cup. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new tech. I can’t imagine anyone wondering, but yes, it was legit. Northwest Nights was that kinda night and this is more proof. #DoubleTHCCup

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