Instafire: Galaxy Dust, Source: by @silenceofthelambz

I must open by saying, this looks SOOO bad. Truthfully, that’s half why I posted it. However, I assure you it’s not. This is not what you think and no, you’ve never seen this before.

However, this is the new hotness in my area code. This is Galaxy Dust — a SOLVENTLESS new extraction technology. Shouts out to local extract artist and good friend SilenceoftheLambz for hooking me up.

It’s a developing story I will later turn into a post, but this is what I know now. This is a solventless THC-A isolate and it tested at 99.47%! It can be “dunk-n-dabbed” or sprinkled on flower. It’s also absolutely bonkers potent.  Stay tuned for more coverage on this new fire.

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Can't see why you pay extra to strip the "medicinal" value out. Any garbage can be processed into pure THCA/THC.

That stuff is as close to Marinol as you get. But crack style


It is because Horatio is the last link in the Galaxy Dust tech. He is the only other person with the process.